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Fjord Life

Oslo Fjord is a gem and it is a privilege to call it our home.

The fjord is a mecca for all kinds of water sports and outdoor activities. Increasingly, the urban harbour area is used for water-based activities, such as swimming, kayaking and diving. But can we trust that its environment is healthy and clean?

The natural environment of the entire Oslo Fjord is under pressure. Overfishing, boat traffic, pollution and marine litter are some of the things that threaten the ecosystems and are killing marine life. In the inner port area of ​​Oslo, the situation is no better.

Complaining never helped anyone though, neither does sitting around and hoping someone else will act. Results start with real action, and this is your chance to contribute to real change!

We know that there are so many committed and passionate people out there who are enthused about helping to make our planet a cleaner and happier place. We want to be able to offer a regular event that you can join every week. We all know that doing good deeds gives us a sense of purpose, that we are contributing to making the world a better place, and a feeling that we are fighting for something bigger than ourselves! It all starts with small steps; by creating positive change in our little corner of the world. This will have a ripple effect, that will send out waves of change around the entire globe.

Now let’s clear the harbour together!

Get involved

Our Organisation

What We Do: The Fjord CleanUP is non-profit environmental organisation supporting the restoration and protection of the Inner Oslo Fjord’s natural marine environment. We are all about action (now) and organise weekly voluntary cleaning events where we provide volunteers with stand up paddleboards, kayaks, diving equipment and all the gear necessary to clean marine pollution out of the fjord. Take a look at our interactive map to see the hot spots along the waterfront we target!

Our Events: We organise weekly cleaning events in Aker Brygge and Tjuvholmen. The goal is to take as much marine waste out of the Oslo Fjord and Akerselva as possible, and then upload the amount collected to the site https://ryddenorge.no – this is a great way to track where we clean, what we clean, and how much we take up – we took 5 TONNES + of plastic out of the Oslo Fjord in 2020!

Why We Clean: Unfortunately, 2 tonnes of rubbish is dropped onto the streets of Oslo every day. This inevitably finds its way into the river or fjord by means of drains, being purposely dropped, or blown in by the wind. We believe that we all have a responsibility to keep Oslo clean and beautiful, especially the shops, supermarkets, and industries where most of the trash we find is coming from. Main types of plastic & waste we find in the water during our CleanUPs: – Electric scooters – Single-use plastics – Plastic lined coffee cups and lids – Shopping bags – Cigarette butts and cigarette packages – Snus and snus boxes – Plastic bottles and tops – Food packaging – Plastic ropes from boats – Fishing lines & nets

How We Clean: We clean rubbish out of the waters by using stand up paddleboards, kayaks, by walking along the waterfront, free diving, and also scuba diving. We plan to also use natural methods to clean the water (growing seaweed and mussels), install automated marine cleaning bins (from Clean Sea Solutions), and place artificial reefs (together with Marin Reparatorene) to give marine life a place to thrive. We also work with Hold Norge Rent whom supply us with bags and gloves.

Our Mission

REDUCE; reduce the amount of littering into the Oslo Fjord

RESTORE; restore the fjord to a state that is clear of rubbish and pollutants

REVITALISE; revitalise the ecosystem, encouraging the return of marine life

Our Goals

Stage 1 Be able to provide all of our volunteers with free diving and scuba diving training and equipment so that we can expand our cleaning efforts to encompass the whole inner fjord, and do so in a safe manner – and to be able to clean all year round, whether it is snow, rain, or sun!

Stage 2 Acquire a customised cleaning boat, an underwater drone, and automated marine rubbish bins that we can strategically place at rubbish hot spots empty as required. This will allow us to map the fjord and to target specific dirty locations (even if it is deep) and to make sure there are systems in place, catching rubbish even if we are not physically cleaning.

Stage 3 Strategically place artificial reefs, work for protected areas for marine life, and to implement natural cleaning solutions, like growing seaweed and mussels. This will provide marine life with a place to thrive while at the same time filtering toxins out of the environment.

Download our Fjord CleanUP Goals & Strategy document (PDF, 432KB)

Who are we

Cal Harvey diving at event

Cal Harvey – Daglig Leder

With a background in commercial diving and marine archaeology, Cal’s passion and knowledge of the water is an incredible asset as he steadily works towards bringing about positive change to Inner Oslofjord. cal@fjordcleanup.no

Jemima Tio – Chair

Swimmer, kayaker and nature lover. Rarely more than 100m from the water, Jemima is an advocate for the vision of Fjordbyen, which very much includes bringing back life of all kinds to Inner Oslo Fjord for everyone to enjoy. She believes that the best time to start anything is now! jemima@fjordcleanup.no

diving for trash at Tjuvholmen

Anoushka Nordby – Deputy Chair

With a background in International Environment and Development Studies, and a holder of a SCUBA-divers licence, the Fjord CleanUP’s mission is deeply entrenched in Anoushka’s personal values, evident in her dedication to the pursuit of a greener and cleaner future.  anoushka@fjordcleanup.no

founder of fjord cleanup

Tomas Hansson – Founder & Board Member

Avid seagull enthusiast and entrepreneur with a passion for green business. Has been kayaking on Oslo Fjord for over 7 years and is determined to solve its environmental challenges so all can enjoy a beautiful and vibrant fjord life.  tomas@fjordcleanup.no

Max Brosnahan – Board Member

Climber, cross country skier and pollution hunter. Likes to spend time volunteering in grassroots organizations. Thinks producers of waste should be held responsible. Max has not missed a CleanUP event since we first started and is usually to be seen on one of the diving teams. max@fjordcleanup.no

Interested in becoming a partner or sponsor?

You can email us at info@fjordcleanup.no