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Fjord CleanUP provides several cleaning activities for companies and organisations – perfect for team building groups that want to participate in a fun and active adventure while at the same time making this world a better and cleaner place. Our cleaning events will leave your team feeling empowered, and fired up that they got to take real-life action together. We believe taking corporate environmental and social responsibilty are key to creating a healthy and passionate company culture. All our cleaning activities will take place along central Oslo, and a cleaning guide organizing the event along with all gear is included for each of our activities.

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Beach CleanUP

> 100 people
2 hours
490 NOK p.p

Picking up trash along the waterfront before it ends up in the fjord is essential for preserving the health of our waterways and marine life. When litter is left on the shoreline or tossed into the water, it will quickly find its way into the fjord, and once it’s in the fjord, the trash is a lot harder to find and pick – trust us!
Therefore, picking up litter along the waterfront is very important and will prevent it from entering the water and breaking down into harmful microplastics. This helps to protect marine life and preserve the health of our oceans, rivers, and lakes. Additionally, by keeping our shorelines clean, we can create more inviting and enjoyable spaces for people to relax, play, and connect with nature. We facilitate Beach CleanUPs all along the accessible waterfront, and are happy to find a location suitable for your team.

Akerselva CleanUP

>30 people
3 hours
990 NOK p.p

Akerselva is a beautiful river that runs through the heart of Oslo – and it is even a spawning ground for salmon! Unfortunately a lot of trash finds its way into the Akerselva River, but by taking part on an Akerselva CleanUP you can safely navigate the river on a river kayak or stand up paddle board while picking up litter and other debris along the way – and if the riverbank is more tempting for participants in the team that is perfect as we also need people on land to help collect all the trash. The trip is ran together with our partner Mad Goats, who are famous for their Akerselva kayak trip, so not only do you get to enjoy their famous trip, but you will pick up trash and do something good for the environment with your team along the way! The trip will start around Nedre Foss Gård and take you and your team all the way down to Sukkerbiten.

Fjord CleanUP

> 30 people
3 hours
1490 NOK p.p

The Fjord CleanUP event is our classic cleaning operation where we combine kayaking, stand up paddling, freediving and beach cleaning, to perform the most effective CleanUP of the fjord. It is this event that Fjord CleanUP is famous for as these activities, when combined, create the perfect synergy for picking up trash on land, in water, and under water. It is also the perfect option for the adventurous group as the different activities allows everyone to get their hands dirty in the activity of their desire.
The location of the CleanUP will be strategically chosen where the water is shallow and boat traffic is low – and we are happy to find a suitable place together with your team. Ready to experience a real Fjord CleanUP?

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