Fjord CleanUP

Oslo’s biggest and most regular volunteer cleaning initiative

Sunday CleanUP

all year round

All through winter and summer we host weekly CleanUPs for our members along the inner city waterfront. Whether you want to help out on land, from a kayak, or in and under the water we got all the gear you need, so just sign up and join us. After cleaning we warm up with a free sauna @oslofjordsauna or @madgoats_saunas, and fill up with gifted burgers from Døgnvill Burger. By becoming a member you get to join the Sunday CleanUPs, get access to our gear, support our mission to clean and restore the fjord AND perks such 25% off all kayak, SUP and sauna activities with Mad Goats!

Restoration Efforts

seaweed, mussels, and sea quirts

In 2020 we harvested sugar kelp from Moss, and took it back to Oslo to see if it would survive. There was one single piece of Sugar Kelp who survived and we called her McWeed. McWeed was later sent to Seaweed Solutions for propagation, and has later created thousands of meters of sugar kelp babies that has been successfully replanted around the MadGoats base at Tjuvholmen. In addition we have together with Marea planted sea squirts hotel, and put out several mussel socks. All in the efforts to bring back some life to the fjord!

"Enough talk, Let's Clean!"

An award winning short documentary by Marielle and Oskar about Fjord CleanUps work

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