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The Fjord CleanUP is a non-profit environmental organisation supporting the restoration and protection of the Inner Oslo Fjord’s natural marine environment.

We are all about action (now) and organise weekly voluntary cleaning events where we provide volunteers with stand-up paddleboards, kayaks, diving equipment and all the gear necessary to clean marine pollution out of the fjord.

The natural environment of the entire Oslo Fjord is under pressure. Overfishing, boat traffic, pollution and marine litter are some of the things that threaten the ecosystems and are killing marine life. In the inner port area of ​​Oslo, the situation is no better.

The fjord is a mecca for all kinds of water sports and outdoor activities. Increasingly, the urban harbour area is used for water-based activities, such as swimming, kayaking and diving. But can we trust that its environment is healthy and clean?

Complaining never helped anyone though, neither does sitting around and hoping someone else will act. Results start with real action, and this is your chance to contribute to real change!

Oslo Fjord is a gem and it is a privilege to call it our home. It all starts with small steps; creating positive change in our little corner of the world.

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Account name Fjord Cleanup
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If you need an invoice please email us at with your organisation number and the amount you would like to donate.

Our mission



Reduce the amount of littering in and around Oslo Fjord.



Restore the fjord to a state that is clear of rubbish and pollutants.



Revitalise the ecosystem, encouraging the return of marine life.

Our goals

Our goals

Cleaning, training & engagement Building a community, raising awareness and being able to provide all of our volunteers with the necessary training and equipment. This will allow us to expand our cleaning efforts beyond Oslo to encompass the whole inner fjord, and do so in a safe manner – and to be able to clean all year round, whether it is snow, rain, or sun!

Automation & scaling Acquire a customised cleaning boat, an underwater drone and automated marine rubbish bins that we can strategically place at dirty locations and empty as required. This will allow us to map the fjord and target specific rubbish hot spots (even where it is deep) and make sure there are systems in place, to catch rubbish even if we are not physically cleaning.

Green zones Strategically place artificial reefs, work for protected areas for marine life, and implement natural cleaning solutions, like growing seaweed and mussels. This will provide marine life with a place to thrive while at the same time filtering toxins out of the environment.

The aim is to create “green zones” which in essence are small pockets of thriving ecosystems, that are protected and maintained. It is our hope that the marine life from these zones will spread out and repopulate the entire Inner Oslo Fjord. If we can show everyone that it is possible to bring back life to the most barren and polluted waters in Norway then we can do it everywhere!

Lobbying For a lasting change at scale, we need to convince industry and government to work more on prevention so that rubbish does not end up in the fjord in the first place. We need to move away from single-use plastics and unnecessary packaging. We also need to have in place better marine rubbish management, fishing bans, and lobster-protected areas. It is important that once we get a return of marine life it is not immediately threatened. It is all about teamwork.

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Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate social responsibility has never been more important. The Fjord CleanUP is a small grassroots organisation with big goals and an even bigger heart, but we need special equipment and resources to be able to effectively clean and revitalise the fjord.

If you are interested in corporate sponsorsip please email or phone +47 929 79 585