Oslo Fjord Sauna

Trust based, self-service community sauna!
All proceeds goes to Fjord CleanUP to clean and restore the Oslofjord.

How does a community sauna work?

A community sauna works on trust. Guests are emailed self-service instructions upon booking and are trusted to leave the sauna clean and tidy for the next person. Your payment goes to the maintenance of the sauna and any proceeds are donated to the work of Fjord CleanUP who cleans and revitalize Oslo’s waterfront for you to enjoy!

  • Sauna is located in central Oslo – see Google Maps here
  • Upon payment you will receive instructions on how to access the sauna eiter on mail or directly upon payment in the Vipps app.
  • Bring water, swimwear and two towels. There is no access to fresh water at the sauna, so bring enough to stay hydrated.
  • The sauna is wood-fired. As a self-service sauna you add more wood as you please.
  • Please leave the sauna tidy and take away any rubbish and recycling.
  • Please be respectful of neighbours and other sauna users at all times.
  • If you need to report any problems please email info@fjordcleanup.no or in an emergency call 400 80 440.

All proceed from the sauna goes to Fjord CleanUP who cleans and restores the Oslofjord <3

Oslo Fjord Sauna Membership

Purchase a membership and get free access to the sauna from september 2023 until september 2024!
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