How did the Fjord CleanUP begin?

The Fjord CleanUP started over 5 years ago when we decided to pick up trash while kayaking down Akerselva with our kayak company, Mad Goats. Once starting, there was no turning back, so we started giving away free kayak trips to people willing to pick up rubbish on their way down Akerselva. The next step was to start organizing voluntary trips, where the only focus was to clean up the river and Oslo Fjord.

Over the years, we have partnered with Rusken, Oslo Kommune, Hold Norge Rent, Oslo Badstuforening, Passion for Ocean and many other likeminded organizations on various events.

In 2019, the year we started a new venture GreenBoats (later to become known as Oslo Fjord Spa) in Aker Brygge, and we realized that with a new location we could start cleaning more parts of the Inner Oslo Fjord and access larger quantities of marine litter by new means – boat, diving and stand up paddling.

After consistently cleaning up every week since early 2020, the Fjord CleanUP has naturally developed into its own non-profit organisation and grown in popularity. We have given people a way they can contribute, an event they can rely on, and have shown our commitment to clean, no matter the season, no matter the weather.

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